The Stone Age

People hostile to climate change activists like me sometimes dismiss us by saying we just want to go back to living in the Stone Age.

I realized tonight they’re right. I do want to go back to the Stone Age. It was simpler then. No cell phones, no committee meetings. Just meeting your own needs the best you could with the resources that were available.

Above all, no crushing guilt that your every move was contributing to the trashing of the greatest paradise in the universe.

However, my critics are wrong to deduce this desire for devolution from my activism. If I were to give in to my desire to live in the Stone Age, I would do absolutely nothing to fight climate change. Unchecked climate change is the fastest, surest route back to the Stone Age.

What climate change activists are trying to do is preserve as much of human civilization as possible. I’m fighting for your right to drive a fast car. But if you can’t accept that it has to be an electric car — eventually one charged from your home solar panels — then you are condemning yourself to riding a horse instead.

I fear and increasingly assume that our future will look a lot more like the Stone Age than like the lives we’re living today. But in the meantime, if you don’t mind, I’m going to continue fighting to keep that fear from coming true.

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